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Veracart Resellers
Join the reseller program that gives you the most and keeps the customers in your corner.

If you are searching for the best reseller program to participate in, then read this and see if you can disagree. The differences between our reseller program and our affiliate program are that the reseller program:

  • Gives you a lifetime commission on each of your customers.
  • Has a different payout structure.
  • Is typically targeted towards sites where Veracart compliments existing product(s) on a site.
  • The sign-up form, customer login, and sales copy are integrated directly into your site.
  • You bill your customers and collect what you want


3 to 10 Cart Accounts 20% off Price Listed On the Web site

11+ Cart Accounts 35% off Price Listed On the Web site


Own Customers Forever

You can access your real-time stats, view your discounts, and everything you need in order to manage your reseller program.

Earn More Commisions -- Set Your Own Prices

You may choose to resell it at our suggested rate, or perhaps sell it for more/less as you add value. For example, if you are a web-design firm and you manage your customer's shopping cart, you may want to add a setup fee, or a higher monthly fee. In other words, we bill you at the discount rate, and then you charge the customer whatever rate you want.

For example: Someone signs up for our Gold cart account, and we bill you $32.50 (35% off $50 is $32.50). Since you are billing your customer, you could charge them the suggested retail price of $50, or, if you wanted, you could charge $75 a month, or perhaps you might also want to charge a $250 setup fee.

Personal Reseller Administrative Center

You can access your real-time stats, banners, images, view commissions, new form code, etc. 24/7!

Easy to Implement: Add a Simple Form and We Do the Rest

Once you've placed the sign-up form on your site just sit back as we handle the rest; follow ups, pre-sales questions, , support! We can help you set up the form if needed at no extra cost. You are welcome to either do the support yourself, or have us do it for you.

Great Products Mean More Commissions

Because we offer one of the most user friendly, and yet slick products on the web, you are much more likely to earn commissions than with another company's user-unfriendly, generic product. We should also mention that e-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in business as well as the web.

Product: Low-Barrier Entry and Easy Upgrade

Customers can easily start with our low-barrier-to-entry product, (very competitively priced) and are easily and automatically upgraded as their company expands in their needs. This creates an easier sale, yet allows your profit to grow quickly from the original sale.

Reseller Training Information

Tools and resources to maximize your profits, including one-on-one free training. Typically, you support the customer (basic questions/needs), and we support you.