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Veracart Partners
We love working with others. We feel if we can all work together we all win together and finish the race that much faster.

Partner with the Company Rated #1 in Customer Service.

Why partner with Us?

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider joining forces with us.

  • #1 in Customer Service
  • Great monthly revenue potential
  • No software to install (SaaS)
  • Best pricing
  • Dedication to continual improvement
  • Long list of service offerings
  • World class technical support
  • Easy People to Work With
  • Willing to Work to See You Succeed
  • Open to Partnership Opportunities

Reseller Program

Our referral program pays the most competitive rates in the industry - 35% or more for life. – much more than most reseller programs. This program requires practically no effort or investment on your part! Get completely set up in just a few minutes. We give you a discount off our suggested retail price and you have complete freedom to choose your own resell rates.

  • Earn up to 35% of the Monthly Fee
  • You Bill your Customers Directly
  • Bill Your Customer what you Want
  • We Send You a Monthly Check Or Bill You for your Customer
  • Inside Access to Web Design Leads
  • Inside Access to Your Own Support Reps

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Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program pays the most competitive rates in the industry, paying several times higher than a typical affiliate program. While a typical affiliate program pays between 10%-15% of a goods sold (e.g.®), and up to the first month’s fee of a subscription service, we are paying $60 for each customer signup that you refer us (usually through your website). Since our shopping cart only costs the customer $24 a month, this is an easy sell and a great payout for you. We handle the sales and support.

  • $60 per Paid Signup
  • $10 per Lead
  • Paid Weekly
  • Realtime Traffic Reports
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Other Join Ventures/Opportunities

Whether you desire to limit brand interference, to create custom integration/modules, or to establish some other unique solution, we custom tailor specialized solutions to meet your goals. Please Contact Us.

  • Private Label
  • Co-Branded
  • Service Advertising
  • Network Advertising
  • Ecommerce Related Lead Generation
  • Partner Proposals

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