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Veracart Affiliate Program
If you are searching for the best affiliate program (a.k.a. 'referral program') to participate in, then read this and see if you can disagree.

What Do You Make?

$60 per Paid Signup or Upgrade (BONUS: Plus $10 Per Free Trial)

Pay Scale

Our program dwarfs typical affiliate program meager payouts of 5%-40% per one-time sale. At 5% per sale on another program, you would earn $1 for a $20 sale. With our program, the same $24 sale would earn you $60. Sure, maybe other affiliate programs offer $500 payouts for a single sale, but their product costs $10,000, a hard sell. You can easily make 2 to 20 times more than other comparable affiliate programs.


We Give you the Tools to Succeed

We will provide you with the necessary banners, images, and links—just copy and paste!

Ready-to-Use Linking Code

All banner and linking code includes your affiliate ID already built into it. No code editing!

Personal Affiliate Administrative Center

You can access your real-time stats, view commissions, and get new banner and linking code 24/7!

Free to Join

Joining our program will cost you nothing. Many other programs can cost you 10's to 100's of dollars just to sign up.

Add Your Link and We do the Rest

Once you've placed the banner or linking code in the high-traffic areas of your site, just sit back as we handle the rest; follow ups, pre-sales questions, taking orders, payment processing, support and mailing your commission check!

Get the Sale Even if the Customer Does Not Buy on Their First Visit (for 1 Year)

When a person clicks from your affiliate banner to our site, a cookie is stored on their computer with an expiration date of 1 year! This means that whether an order is placed that day, a week later, or a year later, you receive a commission. Other programs only pay commissions on orders in the first week or month, but we realize people don't always buy right away.

All Orders are Processed and Tracked Via the Web

Since all orders must originate from a form submitted on our site, there is no chance of you losing a commission from a customer that orders directly by phone, fax or mail.

Great Products Mean More Commissions.

Because we offer one of the most user friendly, yet technologically sophisticated products on the web, you are much more likely to earn commissions than with a highly-specialized and user-unfriendly product.

Product Has a Low-Barrier Entry Point.

Customers can easily start with our e-commerce software due to its extremely competitive prices. This translates to easy sales for you.

Get Paid, No Minimums

We will pay you for each and every order—no need to get a lot of sign-ups before you get paid.

Affiliate Training Information

Tools and resources to maximize your profits.


Our affiliate program is currently managed through the ShareaSale network.