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About Veracart


Veracart is a hosted shopping cart technology that helps merchants sell easily products online. We believe an online solution should be easy to understand and use, that customer service is important. We help our clients to succeed by giving them the tools they need and providing support when needed. When you call us, a real person answers the phone to address your needs.

The Veracart team starts every day with what can they do to help their clients make money. Veracarts motto is to ensure that every customer is able to market their products, fulfill their orders, and have a good user experience.


Veracart was founded in 2003 by Joel Otterstrom to initially help his mother sell her herb products online. Joel and his partners have been working ever since to create an infrastructure that is strong enough to transact thousands of transactions an hour and a software system that makes it easy for the end customer to manage their orders.

Since then Veracart has seen huge advancements in its technology and product offerings. Veracart is like no other shopping cart in the hosted shopping cart industry. Its unique features make it possible to start selling in minutes. In addition, we're continually adding new features by innovating new technologies that will help our clients.


Veracart is run by a group of very experienced geeks. Each has been working in the Internet industry since the mid-1990's. We have experience selling online, trying to get noticed through Search Engine Optimization, online marketing and understand the opportunities and challenges of your business. We want to make it easier for your business to get notice and sell online.


  • US based company
  • Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • After Hours Branch in Hong Kong
  • Forged from the Ashes
  • Powered 100% by the Customer